Mullein And Elderberry Extract

The silvery green leaves, elderberry shrub and bright yellow and purple flowers of mullein and elderberry have been utilised for thousands of years in traditional herbalism. This gentle herb has been used extensively in European and North American folk medicine and thus has a plethora of folk tales associated with it. Mullein and Elderberry has been used traditionally as a remedy for the respiratory tract, including bronchitis.


The Mullein plant is native to Europe, but later made way to the USA. In the USA, it is more of an invasive weed. It grows rapidly in abandoned fields and highway sides. Mullein extract is made from the yellow flowers of this plant. However, there are a few variants, and their flower colours can be purple and reddish. The plants can be six feet in height, and the aroma is similar to that of honey. It is also interesting to note that several alcoholic beverages contain mullein.

On the other hand the elderberry extract grows everywhere, mostly in wet and deserted places, in populated areas. They grow grow freely all around Europe, The United States, Canada and beyond.






Mullein is my absolute favorite when it comes to all things lung related. This gentle herb seems to focus its energy in a very effective way in the lungs, and it gets to work fast!

Elderberry is reputed by some to be effective in treating the common cold, flu, cough, hay fever and sinus infections. It is also popularly known to strengthen the immune system.

Mullein helps remove any 'gunk' from with the lungs via its gentle yet thorough expectorant abilities. It helps the lungs purge themselves of mucous and phlegm that have taken their fill of toxins, pollutants, and foreign matter so that it can be given healthy replacements.

Like many herbs, mullein has natural mucilage which soothes, coats, and protects the respiratory system from the mouth to the lungs.

In many cases, recurring lung issues are wrapped up in an inflammation cycle. Mullein is a gentle anti-inflammatory that focuses on the lungs, so it can help reduce inflammation in the various passages and tissues in the lungs giving way to healing and easier breathing.

Elderberry extract has been used for centuries as a home remedy to treat the cold, cough and flu. The extract is believed to reduce the severity and duration of the infections if taken within 48 hours of the first symptoms.

Some preliminary evidence from small studies support this claims.

A 2016 study from Australia reported that, among 312 long-haul airline passengers, those who used elderberry extract 10 days before and five days after their flight had 50 percent fewer sick days resulting from a cold than those who didn't. In addition, passengers who used elderberry had less severe colds based on a scoring of upper respiratory tract symptoms.

Mullein and Elderberry has been traditionally used as a extract by people with asthma, COPD, cold, emphysema, bronchitis, inflammation, respiratory allergies, recurring congestion, smoker's cough, exercise-induced lung strain, and anxiety-related breathing issues.




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Benefits of Mullein Products

Mullein benefits are surplus, let’s have a look at the major ones here:

Supports bronchial and respiratory health

Deepen & relax breathing

Helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest

Liquid formula for fast absorption

Can be taken long term

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