How To Prepare Healing Herbal Tea

How To Prepare Healing Herbal Tea


One of the most enjoyable parts of working with healing herbal tea for me is the process of brewing. I love interacting with the herbs, hearing the water boil, and watching the herbs infuse their color into the water once it's in my mug. The aromas are an added bonus that usually gets the attention of anyone else who's nearby!

Here are some simple steps to brewing the perfect cup of healing herbal tea each and every time. Keep in mind that some herbs, especially roots and bark, may need to be prepared using a different method called a decoration.

Although we won't be covering decorations here, you will have the information you need to prepare all of the herbal teas on this site and most other leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, and some roots you may want to try out in the future.

Boiling water

Start here. Fill your kettle with a little more filtered water than your mug will hold. Put it on the burner and turn the heat on!

Prepare your herbs 

Select the herbs you want to brew. If you are using pre-packaged tea bags, you're ready to go! Otherwise, measure out your whole herbs and crush them gently between your fingers as you drop them in to your tea infuser ball, steeping pot, or other brewing tool. 


Once you water is about to boil, take it off the heat. Make sure your mug and herbs are ready to go, and carefully pour water over the herbs into your steeping pot or mug. Cover your steeping pot with its lid, or if you use a mug. You'll find that a smaller saucer is the perfect cover to most mug sizes. Wait 6-8 minutes for your herbal tea to steep.

If you are using a steeping pot, you can simply pour your tea into your mug once steeping time is up. If you're brewing your tea inside your mug, remove the lid or plate, then remove the herbs, and you're ready to enjoy!


Keep in mind that your tea is likely extremely hot. I know you're eager to take it all in, but patience is important if you want to avoid burning the very taste buds that let you enjoy your tea brew to begin with!

Wait for your tea to cool down to a safe temperature before sipping, and avoid carrying or moving your tea mug until that time just in case a spill happens. Have a tea towel on hand in case of spills, and be mindful of each step of the process to avoid accidents. If you've never had the unfortunate surprise of being scalded by hot tea, you should be eager to keep it that way!


Here's the good part! Sip, smell, let it all in.

Take your time . Be present with the process. Choose to  work with the tea.


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