Lungwort Capsules

Lungwort, also known as lungwort leaf or Pulmonaria officinalis, is a natural plant that has been used around the world for a variety of respiratory ailments, including COPD, coughs, colds, bronchial detoxification and catarrhal concerns. Lungwort is found in native damp habitats and coastal areas in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Because it’s very sensitive to environmental toxins, the areas in which it is found are typically unpolluted old forests, and thus, the presence of lungwort is often a good indicator of an ecosystem's health.

A Brief History of Lungwort

In the early 1600s, a theory known as the “Doctrine of Signatures” was widely accepted. Essentially the foundation of this practice was that plants resembling certain human physical attributes were believed to be beneficial to the part of the body they resembled. It was during this time that lungwort – which resembles the tissue inside the lungs – was discovered to be an effective remedy for respiratory ailments.
Over time, the medical accuracy of many “Doctrine of Signatures” based remedies was discredited. However, modern research suggests lungwort has certain traits, specifically as an antioxidant and secretolytic that may be beneficial to lung health.


Lungwort for Reducing Irritation
The University of North Carolina classifies lungwort as a plant helpful for reducing irritation and providing soothing qualities. It is believed that these beneficial properties, based mainly on overwhelming anecdotal support, is deemed as a respiratory aid.
Lungwort and Respiratory Issues
Lungwort's high mucilage content is known to be helpful in respiratory conditions, namely asthma and, in particular, chronic bronchitis. While there isn't a ton of research currently available, it is widely accepted that lungwort can be used by people with these conditions – in conjunction with doctor recommendations – as a complementary approach.

Lungwort’s Antioxidant Benefits
Lungwort’s role as an effective respiratory therapy is also due in part to its antioxidative properties. A Bulgarian study confirms these findings, noting high phenolic content and antioxidant properties in teas made from the plant. 
It's already well established that antioxidants serve vital roles in the human body, from protecting the cardiovascular system to supporting healthy aging. Antioxidants are crucial for supporting organ health and wellbeing, especially in the presence of pro-oxidants, or free radicals. That being said, it is believed that lungwort is effective against harmful organisms that affect lung and chest function due to its high level of flavonoid glycosides, another name for specific types of antioxidants. 



How does The Lungwort cleansing capsules work?

Taking Lungwort capsules is a natural procedure designed to detoxify, cleanse and refresh the delicate respiratory linings of the bronchial passages and lungs by purging them of built up environmental toxins, harmful organisms and accumulated irritants. Cleansing the lungs is something that should be done on a regular basis due to the declining quality of indoor and outdoor air. The toxic air we breathe puts all of our lungs and respiratory tracts in danger. By using the Lungwort cleansing  capsules on a regular basis you can assist your lungs in cleansing these compounds, which in turn will support normal respiratory function.


Lungwort Capsules are surplus, lets have a look at the major ones here

1) Supports the elimination of toxins
2) Promotes normal lung function
3) Helps ease redness and irritation in the lungs
4) Revitalizes lung vitality and strength
5) Soothes the throat during times of discomfort
6) Helps stimulate mucus secretions to expel toxins
7) Supports clearing mucus from the sinus passages
8) Stimulates blood circulation to the lungs, which increases dilation


Reasons you need Lungwort  cleansing capsules

Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors. This impacts lung health way more than outdoor air.
Indoor air may have toxic chemical concentrations of up to 100 times higher than outdoor air! 1
Over 35 million people in the U.S. alone have some form of chronic lung disease.2


Supplementing with Lungwort 
Lungwort is most often available in tinctures, teas, and capsule form. Short term or infrequent use of lungwort is generally considered safe. For supporting health on all levels, I recommend lungwort in its pure, natural form. Lungwort is one of the many high-quality, plant-based ingredients available on Herbal tea therapy. Lungwort capsules is an important natural tool designed to support lung and respiratory health.






As strong of a decongestant, irritation soother, and lung healer Lungwort is, it is equally gentle. Lungwort is considered to be an extremely safe herb to take with no commonly known side effects or precautions.

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Benefits of Mullein Products

Mullein benefits are surplus, let’s have a look at the major ones here:

Supports bronchial and respiratory health

Deepen & relax breathing

Helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest

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