Plantain Extract

Plantain has been my go to- cleansing herbs for years. I love the way it tastes, smells, and looks- and there's just something that strikes my intuition about this herb. I find it to be deeply comforting and reassuring, and I think you will too.

Plantain grows in places we humans might scoff at roadsides, abandoned parking lots, gutters , old buildings, and derelict yards. It pops up in places where it seems that cleansing, harmonising, and a little TLC are most in need-and that applies equally to what it can do for our lungs.

One of the most problematic and uncomfortable things that can take place in the lungs is a buildup of phlegm and mucous in the lungs. No matter how deep, it seems we can always tell when just one passageway within our lungs isn't taking in air the way it should. In cases like this, plantain gets work helping to clear and remove these blockages so that we can breathe free once again. This is extremely important when the phlegm and mucous that are trapped have already taken a good deal of trapped toxins. We certainly don't want that stuff hanging around in our lungs any longer than it has to!


The mucous lining of the lungs is essential to their function. Healthy mucous traps toxins, debris, and pollutants before they get to the more vulnerable areas of our respiratory system. When mucous isn't healthy, none of the respiratory system can be healthy and we are open to a greater risk of illness. Plantain works hard to restore a healthier and stronger mucous lining throughout the lung and breathing tract which feels great!

Another blessing plantain brings to the all-important mucous lining is help in the area of inflammation, infection, and weakness. If there are small inflammatory cycles or even lingering infections in the lungs, plantain can help get them healed.

While you're enjoying the gentle and deep detox plantain gives your lungs, your entire body is also benefitting. Plantain helps cleanse and detoxify the blood so that it works better with the lungs and with all the other organs and functions of the body.

Plantain and Mullein herbs cover most of the essential functions of the lungs and help cleanse, clear, soothe, and heal in the gentlest yet most powerful way. As you read, these herbs are all extremely safe and can be used with confidence when it comes to brewing herbal tea.

These herbs have been chosen because they work together in perfect synergy. Mullein reaches up with its tall, lanky stalk to harness air energy and get the lungs working well again while grounded plantain stays low to the ground and finds peace in the earth. It offers deep and thorough cleansing on many levels.

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Benefits of Mullein Products

Mullein benefits are surplus, let’s have a look at the major ones here:

Supports bronchial and respiratory health

Deepen & relax breathing

Helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest

Liquid formula for fast absorption

Can be taken long term

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